• 1.Purchasing Methods and Procedures+

    Online Order
    Aside from our official website, you can also find Nina’s chocolate here.
    91APP http://shop.nina-choc.com/
    Rakuten https://www.rakuten.com.tw/shop/ninachoc/
    PChome Store http://www.pcstore.com.tw/ninachoc888/ 
    momo goo.gl/gP7ULq
    Yahoo Shoppingmall goo.gl/yb72Hv
    udn Shoppinfmall goo.gl/Cre4PA

    Phone Order
    If you want to place your order through phone call, please dial 049-2802988 and tell us about the specific product type, product quantity, and your basic information.

    Outlet Purchase
    Chingjing Outlet of Nina Chocolate provide our customers with on-site sampling and product selection.

    | Order Notification |
    In order to ensure chocolate quality, product making and product delivery requires 2~3 days and 3 working days respectively.
    For large orders, make sure to make your reservation in advance (parcel collection / parcel deliver service is not available on Sunday)
    After confirming your order, we will deliver your product based on our working schedule.
    If you have special requirement for the delivery date, you may list it in the note column on the order form.
    Delivery service is not available on Sunday and we are sorry for all the inconvenience caused.
    Total fare for cold preservation and parcel delivery on a single tour cost NT$150.
    Those who make a $3,000 purchase at a time are exempted from this delivery fee.