• 1.How do I preserve Nina’s chocolate to retain its wonderful flavor?+

    Upholding a business concept of nature and health, we do not add any additives or preservatives during our manufacturing process. All products should be cool preserved to maintain its high quality.
  • 2.How many days are there before Nina’s chocolate expires?+

    The shelf-life of Nina’s chocolate is 7 days. After receiving product orders from our customers, we make and mail the chocolate in accordance with the specifications provided in the order. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to eat all the chocolate within 5 days upon receiving your parcels.
  • 3.Can I ask for a product return if there is any defect?+

    If you discover any damage or defect to the product upon receiving, you may ask for a product return. Make sure to keep the product intact within 1 day, unpacked product is not acceptable. Please check the product condition on site once delivered by the express. Do not sign your name and notify us of the product conditions immediately. Once verified, we will deliver a new product to you.
    If you wish to return the product, make sure to keep all products, accessories, packages, and invoices completely intact and mail the parcel back to us within 2 days upon receiving the product. Once verified, we will help you with the product return procedure immediately. Those who fail to notify us of the conditions within 2 days upon receiving the product should be disqualified for product return.