• 1.Can we sign up for our chocolate DIY course for only two persons?+

    Definitely, we welcome everyone who is interest in chocolate making to sign up for the course. And that is why we prepare a DIY pack for each individual.
  • 2.Can we sign up for our chocolate DIY course on site?+

    Although we offer chocolate DIY course every half an hour, each of our chocolate DIY course is still popular among our visitors.
    That is the reason why we recommend you to make your reservation through phone call or online platform in advance.
  • 3.What should I prepare for our chocolate DIY course?+

    Aside from a happy feeling and a personal camera, you don’t need to prepare for other things!
    During the chocolate DIY course, we will provide you with our handmade soft drink and handmade chocolate bar. After enjoying your dessert and listening to Nina’s professional guidance, you may start making different kinds of chocolates on your own.
  • 4.How do I sign up for the chocolate DIY course?+

    You can either fill out the registration form provided on this website or contact us through phone call.
    Service Line: 049-2802988; Office Hours: 9:00-19:00
    Make a reservation on the official website.
    ※ Course Schedule: 9:00-19:00
    ※ Course Location: Nina Chocolate Workshop, Chingjing Outlet